Rainbow Six: Siege Censorship Backlash

Siege has grown in to one of the most popular online games in the world. The game has changed and evolved, and fans for the most part agree that the changes are usually for the better. However, an update in regards to some changes to censor the game to reach the Asian market, have got fans upset.

Due to more strict ruling in regards to what can be shown in video games in the Asian market, Icons, gore, and suggestive content are being changed or removed.

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Even though these changes may not effect game play somewhat, they do change the tone of the game. People have invested their money in to the game, because they love what it is and what it has become. By catering to outside territories there is concern that what the game has become will be forgotten for the financial gain of the Asian marketplace.

Here are some comments:

Since we cant have knives pictures, here is a new Caveira icon from Rainbow6

Remove Tom Clancy’s name from the game from Rainbow6

I assume the sharp edges are too violent to post here? from Rainbow6

What do you think about the changes to the game?