Reports Of An Update For P.T. Sucks

If you aren’t familiar with P.T. it is short for Playable Teaser, a game demo made by Konami to promote their now cancelled Silent Hills game. When the game was cancelled, P.T. was removed from the store unable to be downloaded unless you had a PS4 that had already had it installed.

Reports on Reddit are stating however, since an update to the demo over the last few days, it has rendered the demo unplayable. Not only is this awful timing with it being Halloween and the demo being in the horror category, but with how bad a reputation Konami has in the gaming community, it just doesn’t really make sense.

An from the cancelled Silent Hills and PT demo

If we look back at Konami’s recent history, P.T. was the beginning of the downfall of Konami because it was the last decent piece of content they have provided the gaming community. After P.T., Silent Hills was cancelled and Hideo Kojima reportedly fired. Then they released the less than stellar Metal Gear Survive, and now they make the P.T. unplayable. Frankly, this decision is mind boggling and just a loss for everyone involved.

Metal Gear Survive

I don’t know what the next steps are for Konami, but they have a long road ahead to repair their image with the gaming community.

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