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Meet the Team

Jon Glass

Head of Gaming

Jon Glass is a student in the Digital Production, Writing and Design Program at Camosun College located in Victoria, British Columbia. When he is not attending class, he is spending time with his family or playing video games. Jon is currently working towards a career in the media industry to create video based content.

Joseph Traill

Head of Live Action

Joseph Traill got his beginnings working as DOP and Sound engineer for “Hooray with Corey James” with Shaw Television. Very quickly after that, Mr Traill was connected with the Cine Vic film society and worked as a sound engineer for the “Transmission” film trailer. It was there that he met Panta Mosleh the president of Pk Studio Productions and began his work as a writer and AD for the company. It was with Ms Mosleh that Mr Traill wrote “Instance” a short film which earned the award for best commentary at the Los Angeles action film festival.